Confectionery from all over the world!

Sweet & Candy is specialized in wholesale trading of all types of candy you can find in a typical candy shop. Our wide range of products consists mainly of bulk candy for a pick 'n mix system, novelty candy and fun candy items and lollipops. Of course we can also supply chocolate, candybars, seasonal items and a lot of packaging and gift material.


At Sweet & Candy you can find Europe's biggest confectionery range under one roof. We provide one-stop-shopping for candy shops, retail, wholesale, theme-parcs and many others. We provide an international orientated range of products to our customers. This means we sell items produced in the Netherlands, but also products from Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, England, China and the Uneted States of America. The diversity of the product range enables our customers to purchase all required sweets at one supplier.

A unmatched product range

Especially the very wide range of approximately 1000 different bulk candy items and the numerous different kinds of fun candy items provide many opportunities for our customers to select a distinctive range of products that is no where else to be found. Stand out from the crowd with your very own selection of unique products and be one step ahead of your competitors at all times. We always provide the most complete range and the latest novelties first. Of course we can offer you this range at the best service in business and competitive pricing.

Seasonal candy

Sweet & Candy provides products for all seasons. Enhance your turnover by fullfilling seasonal demand. We provide products for Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Summer, School is out, Halloween and Christmas. These seasonal products enable you to meet the demand of your customers and to boost your turnover during the seasons.

Bulk candy

We offer almost 1000 different bulk items, available from stock. Winegum, liquorice, chewing gum, peppermint, boiled candy, sugarfree candy and many more!

Fun candy

At Sweet & Candy you will find an unmatched range of fun candy. Two to One, Hello Kitty, Planes, Candy sprays, Coolfans, Surprise eggs, the range is endless!


For both bulk mallow and fun mallow creations you can shop at Sweet & Candy. Please login to our online catalogue to discover which mallow items we can offer.


Sweet & Candy offers a wide range of chocolate products. Next to bulk chocolate we also offer pre-packed chocolate balls, bars and bonbons.


Be amazed by the variation and different colors of all the small and large lollypops. We offer a lot of different lollypops and Candy sticks. Because of the big selection there is something for everyone's taste!

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are hot! There is a sweet mix and a sour mix but we also offer a lot of jelly beans packed per flavour! Try them all and be amazed by the spectacular flavours and colors!