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Food Safety

Sweet & Candy handles all products with great care and we consider food safety in everythingwe do. Although the activities of Sweet & Candy are resticted to warehousing and transportation of confectionery products, we pay a lot of attention to assure the quality of products and to exclude any chances of food risks.


For food safety purposes we work in accordance with Dutch 'HACCP Code voor hygiƫnisch en voedselveilig werken bij transport, opslag en distributie van levensmiddelen' guidelines.


All processes and procedures in the comapany aim to optimise inventory turnover ratio and to exclude possible food safety risks.


All products that are delivered by Sweet & Candy are traceable to our customers and suppliers. We store information about all products and transactions in order to be able to recall goods with quality problems if this is required.

Sweet & Candy will cooperate with recall procedures of manufacturers, repackers and authorised authorities to ensure food safety en prevent possible helath risks.