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Sweet & Candy is continuously searching for the best and most innovative ways to pack and present confectionery. We believe that a good presentation and a positive shopping experience will enhance turnover. Therefore we are happy to share innovative, beautiful and even strange products, presentations and wrappings that will add value to the products we offer. Be inspired by all ideas that we collect on the internet.

Product display

As a fast moving consumer good the buying decision to buy candy is often based on impulse or routine. Therefore presentation is a very important tool to persuade customers to buy your products. A beautiful presentation is tempting and will attract a lot of customers. We are continuously searching the internet in order to find the most beautiful candy presentation around the world. Please be inspired by our Pinterest board that contains all these presentations. Do you have a candy presentation that you like to share with us? Please email your pictures to us!

Unique products

Novelty products are very important in the confectionery business. The main objective is to pursuade customers to buy candy. New and innovative products will contribute to obtain your objectives. We have a big collection of new products and we continuously search for new items. We are devoted to being the first to offer you latest items. Sometimes we find refreshing new products ideas around the world that inspire us and help us to make our product selections. Are you curious which products inspire us and make us wonder about new and innovative flavours and designs? View our Pinterest board! Do you find strange or unseen products somewhere? Please share it with us!


Sweet & Candy supplies a modest range of most wanted packaging material for candy shops. If you require a more wide or exclusive range of packaging material we advice you to contact Musdeco. We hope to inspire you with beautiful examples of packaging.

Sweet art

Confectionery and art are two worlds apart. Nevertheless there are very beautiful examples that combine the best of both worlds. Watch below how artists generate real pieces of art by using candy!